Valerie Goodwin's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY

Fiber Art Map Making

With Valerie Goodwin

19th June to 25th June 2013



Valerie Goodwin 

 I am a mixed media quilt artist whose expertise as a professor in architectural design makes me feel comfortable interacting with students and bringing out the creative potential in each one.

I have the distinct honor of having won the Teacher of the Year award at my university in 2003. 

In short I truly love teaching! In addition I have taught many quilting workshops across the country and in Europe.

Most of my work conveys a sense of place using maps as inspiration and I feel comfortable working with both realistic and abstract imagery.



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 Fiber Art Map Making

With Valerie Goodwin

Arrive 19th June 2013

Depart 25th June 2013

Registration deadline is: 9th April 2013


Maps are intriguing as an art form and as a vehicle for artistic expression. They are personal explorations of map language and imagined landscapes. Everyone taking this workshop will come away with precious mapped memories documenting your time in Abruzzo!

Discover the possibilities of creating a map from fabric, paint and thread as we explore the sights of a region that is rich in history, traditions and art.

Using a fun and simple series of painted and collaged, mixed- media techniques, you will create the feeling or ingredients of central Italy. The instructor will guide you through a series of steps that will provide opportunities to learn about design while giving you the freedom to experiment within a nurturing and structured framework.

The goal is to come away with a cohesive and creative collaged fiber art map to cherish your wonderful experience in Abruzzo!


DAY 1  The morning will begin with class introductions and a short talk by the instructor called “Art and Cartography”. We will set off for our stroll through the beautiful ancient city of Sulmona for a bit of sketching and photo taking related to our first little first map-making exercises. The afternoon will be spent exploring different ways of translating the lines, shapes and textures we see in maps – using fiber and mixed media techniques. Participants will make small samples as a way of learning technique.

DAY 2  Review and discussion of the previous day’s samples/exercises after a short presentation by the instructor on the “Elements and Principles of Design”. Studio time will be devoted to expanding on lessons learned the previous day. In the afternoon, students will start on the design of a larger fiber art map.

DAY 3  Morning trip into Sulmona to experience the traditional Italian market. Then Studio time with idea sharing and review. Expand on techniques learned the previous day such as fusing, painting hand stitching and machine stitching. Make beautiful and expressive lines, shapes and textures the key ingredients in a map. 

DAY 4  A full day of studio time. More time for individualized instruction and exploration. The instructor will give a short talk called  the “Complex Composition”, a way of using superimposed and overlapped drawings at multiple scales knitted together with a montage of text and vignettes. It is a unique way to creatively construct a dynamic and complex narrative about a work of place.

DAY 5  Last day to finish your project. A day for more discussion, review and fun! By the end of your experience you will have at least one collaged fiber art map well underway.  Take away art quilt map as a memory of the Abruzzo region. And…more knowledge about design and fiber art techniques!

You can ask Valerie about her class here:

Valerie Goodwin


 Here are some amazing examples of Valerie's artwork

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