Susan Nelsen's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY   

 Capturing Your Italian Escapade

with Susan Nelsen

18th Sept to 24th Sept 2013



Susan Nelsen 

 Susan Nelsen loves the creative process of working with fabrics and colors and has been quilting for what seems like forever. She thrives on designing and quilting and is the owner of Rasmatazz Designs, her own quilt pattern and booklet publishing company and longarm quilting business. She quilts for customers from across the country and even some international customers. She can be found at her quilting machine, her sewing machine, or her computer anytime, day or night. Along with her own published books, she authored books for Martingale & Company (That Patchwork Place) and All American Crafts.

She has a degree in Elementary Education and worked as a substitute teacher while raising her children. She has worked in quilt shops and has taught machine quilting locally and at HMQS (Home and Machine Quilting Show). She works as a free-lance technical editor for major publishing companies in the quilting industry.

Susan loves to travel and has been the co-organizer and co-host for textile trips to Scotland and will co-host a group to the 2012 International Quilt Festival of Ireland.

After traversing the country for more than 26 years as a United States Air Force wife, she and her husband live in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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 Capturing Your Italian Escapade

with Susan Nelsen

Arrival 18th Sept 2013

Depart 24th Sept 2013

Deadline for registration is 10th July 2013



Upon arriving in Paris several years ago, I went to the baggage claim for my luggage and it wasn’t there…. Two days later I still didn’t have my luggage so I went shopping in Paris for some clothes. Among the stuff I bought was a pair of jeans with rhinestone bling that to this day I refer to as my “Paris jeans.” Every time I wear them I think of my Paris adventure. 

The project you to take home from this workshop will be your cue to remember. When you see your “Italy quilt,” I want you to remember your Italian escapade!

Before you arrive in Italy, explore travel books and websites for what interests you in Italy, and as you view photographs, consider colors and textures of what you see. What is it that catches your attention in what you see and read?

For example, before going to Bali I read about the wild monkeys. While in Bali I visited one of the Monkey Forests, and then made my Monkey Tails quilt, using curved piecing with my SuperStrata curved piecing technique.

The mountains of Bali inspired my Mirrored Mountains quilt with my straight SuperStrata technique, and the street markets were the inspiration for the colors in my Flower Market quilt.

In this workshop you’ll learn two of my SuperStrata (straight and curved) techniques to design blocks for your own Italian Escapade quilt. We’ll have a great time together.

Day 1: Introduction of two SuperStrata techniques for designing quilt blocks for your project. Then take the inspirational stroll through the ancient city. Return to the studio to discuss your personal plan for your block design and techniques. Discuss borders/ border treatments for the quilt top. Make simple a quilt plan for your project.

Day 2: Finalize fabric decisions and use of the SuperStrata technics. Begin block construction in the sewing studio.

Day 3: Continue block construction for quilt center and border.

Day 4: Use the design wall for block layouts and begin quilt assembly.

Day 5: Complete quilt top assembly with borders/border treatments. Grande Lavoro! You have your Italian escapade.

 If you have any questions, you can email Susan here:

Susan Nelsen 

 Check out Susan's colourful art quilts below. 

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