Silvia Dell'Aere's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY    

 From Photo to Fabric 

using Paintstiks and Masks

With Silvia Dell'Aere an Italian Tutor

2nd Oct 2013 to 8th Oct 2013


 Silvia Dell'Aere

Grown up in a family who put lot of importance on culture and arts, and being a sea lover, I earned a Marine Biology degree and master before fully put my hands in the art world, and this is why in my quilts are often recognizable marine elements and natural environments, besides emotionally strong subjects.

After learning traditional quilting I explored hand-dyeing and painting on fabrics discovering the great possibilities of these techniques and making award winning quilts, shown in national and international shows, and published in national magazines (Magic Patch, Quiltitalia newsletter).
Now I'm taking confidence with a new technique, fabric marbling, and I'm working to include marbled fabrics in my future quilts and workshops.
I regularly teach basic and advanced quilting/patchwork classes, I write for a magazine (Patchwork Magazine) and I'm enrolled in the "Quilt Judging Course" organized by the Quilters' Guild of British Islands, hoping to become an accredited Quilt Judge by 2013.
I'm also working on a new quilt series for my next personal exhibit that will be held on April 2012 in Italy.

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  From Photo to Fabric 

using Paintstiks and Masks

With Silvia Dell'Aere 

an Italian Tutor who speaks fluent English

Arrive 2nd Oct 2013 

Depart 8th Oct 2013

Deadline for Registration is: 24th July 2013


Paintstiks and oilbars can be used not only to give color accents to fabrics or paint simple shapes, they are great also to paint a whole complex scene. The technique I’d like to teach allow to take inspiration from a photo to paint a quilt top that will be true to the photo and will have a nice naïve feeling.


- Students will take confidence with design principles of light and shadow. They will learn how a good use of lights and shadows can create the illusion of roundness and three-dimensionality. 

- Students will learn how to take a photo suitable to be converted in a quilt, how to design a pattern from the photo, and how to convert it in a mask.
- Students will learn how to plan the work, how to manage the masks and how to use paintstiks to apply colour and paint a reproduction of their photo.

- At the end of the class students will have a complete painted quilt top that they will assemble and quilt at home. They will also have learned a versatile technique and a working method (image study) they can use for every pictorial quilt. 

 Step by step procedure:


At first I’ll give a short talk about photography and how to take photos for quilt conversion. This has to be before the visit of Sulmona so students can take photos while visiting.

 In the afternoon students will select a photo and print it. Every student will need two A4 prints, for study and reference purpose, and one A3, for quilt designing purpose. I’ll give suggestion about how to properly choose a photo. I also will have my own photo just in case a student prefer to use mine.


 I’ll show how to use tracing paper to convert the photo in a quilt design. I’ll show common mistakes to avoid and how to decide which details keep and which ignore. Every students will trace her own design.

 Then every student will make the mask by copying the design on freezer paper and will adhere it to the fabric. I’ll explain the differences between masks and stencils.

 Before working on the quilt I’ll lead a practicing session about how to cut the mask, how to remove pieces and how to re-iron them in place. Usually this don’t take more than one hour but since this is a crucial point I’ll go on only when all students will be able to cut the mask without cutting the fabric.


Work on quilt top. I’ll show how to plan the work, how to start and how to put in practice all the lights/shadows study and the practical exercises we’ve made. I’ll show how to add details. 
Then I’ll watch students at work, helping or giving tips and clarifications if necessary.


Work on quilt top.10) Students will finish the quilt top or, if they have already finished it, they can start a second one.


 Students will finish the quilt top or, if they have already finished it, they can start a second one.

 I’ll give hints about how to quilt it once at home.

You can ask Silvia questions about her class here:

Silvia Dell'Aere

 Here are some examples of Silvia's lovely artwork.


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