Sherrill Kahn's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY     

  Mixed Media Class for 

Fabric, Paper, or Canvas

with Sherrill Kahn

3rd July 2013 to 9th July 2013

Sherrill Kahn 


Sherrill Kahn is a retired High School public school teacher. She taught for thirty years, retired and then started an international rubber stamp company called "Impress Me" in 1996. 

She is a member of a variety of organizations as well as being an award winning artist. She also has won several grants related to her teaching. 

She has written six books with a seventh to be published in 2013. 

She teaches internationally including India, Europe, Canada and Australia, as well as throughout the United States. 

Sherrill loves to teach more than anything and looks forward to having you in class.

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: Bachelor of Fine Arts--San Jose State--1962; Graduate Study at U.C.L.A.; Private study at Chouinard; Otis-Parsons; Pepperdine; U.S.C.; Mendocino Art Center; Isomata; and Cal State Northridge. I have a Lifetime California General Secondary Credential.

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           Mixed Media Class for 

Fabric, Paper, or Canvas

with Sherrill Kahn

Arrive 3rd July 2013

Depart 9th July 2013

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Mixed Media Class for Fabric, Paper, or Canvas:

The color, shapes and forms of an ancient Italian city, such as Sulmona,  lends it's self to an amazing array of possibilities for creating artwork.  On the first morning, I will take the students on a walk through the town.  We will take a variety of photographs to use in creating a finished piece of artwork.  

I will encourage the students to take a variety of close up shots that are often overlooked in place of the total scene.  I will point both out to the students as we walk through each area. Digital cameras will be preferred since we can create compositions from the digital images.  If students have an iPad or a similar device, they will reference the photos on the device and create a composition to be used for the final piece of artwork.  

The finished piece can be a collage/mixed media painting, mini-quilt, handmade book, or whatever the student chooses.  I will give composition techniques, color ideas, and other helpful advice  to each student individually so that the finished creation will be one to cherish.  I look forward to having you in class.

This class will incorporate a variety of ideas doing the following:  (I cannot break the class down by each day because I am very spontaneous and often include things that I hadn't planned to include.  I am very intuitive to my students and often end up teaching things that they request that wasn't on the list of things to do) 

Here are some of the things I want to teach in the week 

1.  Create Resists from a variety of media such as tape, liquid wax, white crayons or candles, crayons, oil pastels, molding paste, gesso, gel mediums, hair gel, thick acrylic paints or other media's of choice.

2.  Explore a variety media including combining different media for enhanced results.  This will include paint, pastels, crayons, oil pastels, charcoal, inks, dyes, fabric paints, pencils, Inktense, colored pencils, or other media of choice.  We will also dilute acrylic paint to use as washes on fabric, paper and any other absorbent surface.

3.  Create Textures with paper, fabric, thread, linen, silk, and possibly found objects from the region.  Also create stenciled textures by embossing paper through the stencil opening, make stenciled images and finally print stencils; make paper fabric; iron things in between plastic sheets; create wonderful rubbings; use metal tape; and create other textures by using what is available from the area.

4.  Explore Surfaces:  Costco (Kirkland Photo Paper---I will bring some for the students), copy paper, canvas board, card stock, linen, silk, cotton, rice paper, lutradur, or any other surface of choice.

5.  Explore Printmaking:  Monoprinting; Thermofax printing (students would have to bring thermofax screens from home since I doubt they would be available there); styrofoam plate printing; hair gel plus paint printing; corrugated cardboard printing; doing image transfers with TAP; water printing inkjet images on fabric or paper; fun foam prints; gelli plate printing (optional); and rubber stamping using a variety of media and techniques.  I will bring rubber stamps for the students to use in class.

6.  Composition Techniques:  I have found through my many years of teaching that the hardest thing for most students is composition.  I will work individually with each student to help them create a beautiful composition using the techniques that they have learned in class.  I look at composition as a symphony of divergent elements coming together to create a beautiful whole.

In this class, students will explore everything from image transfers to resists.  We will be doing many techniques that can be left as is or can be combined with other techniques for finished wall hangings, pieces of art, collages, handmade books, or other creative projects.  The individual student will decide the project that they would like to create during the class, or they can learn the techniques for use in future projects.  We will explore the surrounding area for ideas of color and composition.  The class will include a variety of demonstrations.  I will also bring a variety of examples to show the students.  This will live by the words "what if".

Ask Sherrill about her class here:

Sherrill Kahn

Here are some examples of Sherrill's amazing art work. 

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