Sandra Reford's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY

 Journal From Sulmona

with Sandra Reford

24th July to 30th July 2013

Sandra Reford 

 Textile art grew from the hobby I was most passionate about - quilting. 

I began pursuing my textile art seriously in 2007 when one of my pieces was juried into an international event. I continue to take classes in art in Toronto and abroad. My blog helps keep me focused on developing myself as an artist. I often give inspirational talks to quilting guilds.

I enjoy taking a group of textile artists/quilters to Verona, Italy, every year with the purpose of exposing them to the European textile scene. I speak 4 languages which helps me secure teaching jobs in Europe.

Besides curating a show of Canadian works that will be exhibited in France in September 2012, I am also writing my first quilting book.

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  Journal From Sulmona

with Sandra Reford

Arrive 24th July 2013

Depart 30th July 2013

Registration deadline is: 15th May 2013


Inspiration-on-another-level is what creating in Italy is all about! Italian/Canadian textile artist, Sandra Reford, has herself had this experience having taught and exhibited in Italy for the past 5 years.

She will lead a group through the process of educated observation. Students will generate a record, in journal form, of their awakening to this emotional response to both the natural and the man-made world of Sulmona, Italy.

During morning walks, participants will record patterns, shapes and colours so that they may “capture the moment”, later taking these memories home to their studios where they can create at leisure when making larger works. 

Sandra works with the philosophy of using what is on hand to create with and be inspired by, so the focus of the daily walks will be tied to that way of working.

This course will provide an introduction to textile processes and techniques associated with surface design. Students will explore print making, image transfers, painting, tyvek and dyeing while working towards a finished product- their journal.

Sharing, critiquing and positive feed back of the work accomplished will be done at the end of each day. Sandra believes this is a very useful tool to get the artist thinking of her work as she explains what she did, why she did it and where she is going next to develop it. It also provides inspiration to fellow students.

This workshop is ideal for both the textile artist that has had some experience as well as the very beginner. Sandra speaks French, English, Italian and some German.

Ci vediamo!

Day 1: Introduction of course, walk in town/countryside for inspiration (and a stop for a cappucino!), recording images using digital camera and sketching keeping in mind the daily theme. We will be preparing fabrics with crayons and paints in the afternoon as well as printing.

These fabric, ' pages' will be assembled at the end of the course.

Day 2: Walk in town/countryside keeping in mind the daily theme. Collecting images and other items for the afternoon's work. We will be concentrating on composition. We will dye fabric for our pages and transfer images onto cloth for photomontage.

Day 3: Visit to the market- more recording and collecting. The afternoon will be reserved for stitching. Stitching is a wonderful way to add interest and texture to your fabrics. A selection of stitches for hand work will be taught and the versatile free-motion technique using the sewing machine will be explained and honed.

Day 4: Sunday morning walk before studio time. Making the cover for the journal in the afternoon.

Day 5: Complete journal pages, cover and tie. Sewing journal together. Final comments by artists.

You can ask Sandra questions about her class here:

Sandra Reford

 Here are some wonderful examples of Sandra's artwork


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