Sulmona,  ITALY

What are they saying about us   

 This is from Jean Grimes, Texas

Ave, Thanks so much for sharing your techniques.  I feel like I can incorporate so much of what we learned into my style.  Your presentation was great and I feel I had time to explore each new technique as we went along.  I finished the two quilts I started as soon as we got home - well as soon as my head started functioning again.

Muff and I presented our travel photos and new quilts at our art quilt group last weekend.  Everyone was impressed and wants to learn how to achieve that look. 

Hello fellow art quilters,

I am just back from the Abruzzo School of Creative Art and it was fantastic!  Italy is beautiful; 

Averil Stuart-Head is a great tutor.  She had a great curriculum and she and her husband Bruce are delightful to be with. We took pictures of ancient gates and doors, churches, and the beautiful scenery in the Abruzzo area and then on to Umbria and Tuscany. 

 She taught several techniques to incorporate these photos into art quilts.  Are you intrigued? Check out her page

By Artist Jean Grimes

Adapted from a photo of the large fountain and aquaduct in Garibaldi Square, Sulmona


 From Carol Owen ....Tutor

Hi Averil,

Here’s my feelings about the week:

I had a wonderful teaching experience at the Abruzzo School in September. The studio was just a few steps away from where we were all staying. And it was great that we were all together throughout the week. The staff at the Inn was welcoming, helpful and charming (without a word of English!), and Averil and Bruce did everything they could to make it a good experience. (They made a special trip into the town of Sulmona to get extra lamps for the studio, and Bruce made us all omelets every day for breakfast!).

The food was fabulous, and we had a cooking class one evening with our marvelous chef Pino. We got to experience the area around the school, the market in Sulmona, a couple of family run restaurants and some of the sights. We even were able to visit Averil’s studio and see her beautiful quilts.

Altogether, it was a week to remember, thanks to Averil, Bruce, and Abruzzo.

Thank you again, Averil. You gave us a wonderful time.

Carol Owen. Tutor..... Altered Books




 From Carolyn Calderman:

Hi, Averil,
I'm sorry I'm so tardy in getting back to you. We have done a bit of traveling but are now at home, and hope to stay here for a good, long while.
Please feel free to use any of the following comments in any way that you wish.
The ambience at Locanda especially among the staff was so positive, especially Gloria's performance and Pino's cooking, which made us feel very welcome. Those lavender sunsets, the surrounding mountains and the pond were an unexpected joy. All in all, you and Bruce made our stay a completely wonderful experience.
Arnold adds his thanks to Bruce for the special excursions.
My only small suggestion would be to make the day of arrival a little bit better coordinated. It was awkward for us, arriving at Locanda on our own, with nobody in sight, and then finding no English-speaking personnel to welcome us.
Thanks for a great experience.
XX Carolyn
Hello Carolyn, Thanks very much for your comments. I will post these onto the website soon. Yes, you are right, that was an awful experience you ending up at the venue with no one there to greet you and my most sincere apologies. We were due to be back from the airport around 2 pm that day, but due to Annette and Linda's plane being very late, made us late also. If this happens again I would get my friend Milena to meet and greet the guests at the venue on their arrival.
All the best to both you and Arnold.

From Muff Fregia

Dear Ave, As I look back on 2012, I think fondly of my wonderful trip to Italy taking your class and visiting exciting places with you and Bruce. Your creativity seems boundless, and you were an excellent teacher. I appreciated your tailoring the class to our skills and sharing so many extras with us. You and Bruce were very generous hosts who made the time so memorable and made me want to return to experience more of Italy. 
Thank you! 
 Muff Fregia