Pamel Mostek's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY   

 Vignettes of Italy

With Pamela Mostek

18th Sept to 24th Sept 2013

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Pamela Mostek 

 Bachelor's Degree in English & Art, University of Idaho Master of Fine Arts, University of Idaho

Hello everyone!

Painting with fabric is how I describe my fabric art.  I love blending, shading, and layering fabrics to create my own personal style of textile collage. The only medium is luscious fabrics rather than paint.

Actually......I began my artistic journey as a painter, but when I discovered the texture and pattern of fabric, I've never gone back! Creating with fabric is my passion....and I'd love to share it with you.

When I'm not deep in the creative process of one of my collages, I also design fabric for Clothworks Textiles, and  my prints are known for their dramatic, bold looks and vivid colors. I've also authored nine how-to book for quilters published by Martingale & Co (That Patchwork Place)......Quilts from Larkspur Farm, Blossoms in Winter, Just Can't Cut It, English Cottage Quilts, Scatter Garden Quilts, Dazzling Quilts, Quilt Challenge, Blended Borders, and SuperStrata Quilts.

As an experienced teacher, I've taught both nationally and internationally and I bring a background in teaching education to my quilting workshops. I love teaching and sharing with my students and feel my years of teaching high school have been an advantage when it comes to teaching today in the wonderful world of quilting and textiles.

My  painterly textile art pieces have been in a number of national shows and exhibits in the US as well as being represented in private collections and galleries.

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  Vignettes of Italy

With Pamela Mostek

Arrival 18th Sept 2013

Class starts 19th Sept

Depart 24th Sept 2013

Registration Deadline is 10th July 2013


....students will interpret the timeless beauty of the architecture and surroundings using my textile collage technique and the aged character of hand-dyed fabrics combined with machine and hand stitching and embellishments to create one or more small textile collage vignettes..... 

After seeing photos and samples of my textile collage pieces, we will begin by exploring, photographing, or sketching the architecture and beauty of our surroundings, focusing on the details and small vignettes of color and charm.

After our exploration tour, we will return to the studio and discuss how to interpret and isolate the details that will create a composition to capture our memories and the ageless beauty of Italy.

I will work with each student to evaluate and discuss their photos and sketches and help them decide which they would like to use as a starting point for their artwork.

 Next, students will make a simple sketch from their photos, taking into consideration elements of design which we will discuss. This will be the sketch they work from as they create their textile collage.

When the basic sketch is complete, students are ready to begin work on the design wall which will be a piece of cotton batting secured to the studio walls with tape or tacks....whatever works best in the environment

From this point forward, students will begin with a hand-dyed background piece and then begin cutting out other pieces to compose their primarily architectural compositions. We will talk about color and shade as well as the elements of design as they apply to our composition. Working in textile collage is a very "freeing" experience. Students discover they can work most successfully in an impressionistic or abstract style simply because of the nature of the medium

With the first day devoted primarily to exploration, sketching, and developing a basic design, next we will begin developing the collage vignettes and use machine stitching with decorative threads to begin adding the stitching layers of design. (note: sewing machines must be able to drop the feed dogs to allow free motion stitching which virtually all machines are able to do today.....even those that are not new models.) I will demonstrate how adding soft shades of bridal tulle can enhance the aged look of the architectural details and these will be machine stitched with in place with monofilament thread so that the stitching does not show.

Next, we will practice techniques for hand stitching and discuss the different qualities they will add to our vignettes. We'll use a variety of threads and freeform stitches to add interest and variety.

For those who wish to add beading, we will discuss how and where this type of embellishment is most effective and these can be added to our collage vignettes. 

Finally, I will demonstrate finishing techniques and if students have progressed to this point, they will be able to finish their collage so that it will be ready to hang when they return home. If not, they will have notes on finishing to refer to when they are at that point.

You can email Pamela if you have any questions about her class:  Pamela

 These are some examples of Pamela's beautiful art work  

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This class has been confirmed and is going ahead.

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