Pamela Holland's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY    

 Capture the Day

with Pam Holland

2nd Oct 2013 to 8th oct 2013 

This class has been confirmed and is going ahead.

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Pam Holland 

Author, Tutor, Designer, Photographer, Cinematographer, Judge and Illustrator. 

After a career as a photographer, and fashion designer Pam has been working in the quilting industry for over 20 years.

She  travels 10 months of the year to far flung places teaching the art of quilting.

Her experiences in teaching and travel have been the inspiration for most of her quilts   and has given her the reputation of shaping something new from the already established.

Drawing, writing and filming while she travels form the basic plans that she uses to create quilts when she’s home in the studio.

Pam has been lucky enough to win numerous International awards, and currently has 3 new books in the process.   

Pam lives in the Adelaide Hills  in South Australia and is married and Mother to 13 children who all live close by with their families.


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Capture the Day

with Pam Holland

Arrive 2nd Oct 2013

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Photography, Art and Textiles


These 3 (Photography, Art and Textiles) are equal partners in the course. 

In this “Capture the day” Masterclass I will help you to look at the environment just a little differently. We need to slow down and expand the art of ‘seeing’.

The aim of this class is to encourage students to relax and enjoy the creative process and to complete a piece of work representative of the week long experience.


Class Outline.

Day 1.  Discussion about cameras and a short demonstration of how to take a photo for reproduction.

 I will have my computer and digital projector for use in the class.

We’ll undertake a walk to take photos and sketch.

Afternoon - begin the outline of the project.

Day 2.  to  5.

Each student will work at their own pace. I will give personal instruction and demonstrations on the techniques I’ve outlined in the brochure.

Photography, Fabric Illustration with pigment ink. Thread painting, Quilting elements, Contour Quilting to create the landscape. Woven watercolors using hand dyed Cheesecloth.

Having taught for many years I’m aware that every student will proceed at their own pace I try not to put timelines into class.

I travel with my computer, digital projector, and facilities to change photos for production. There would need to be a fee for the printing.

I bring pens, inks and some base fabric. Students will be required to dye some fabrics, however, I only use pigment inks so it’s just like painting a watercolor on fabric.

Ask Pam questions about her class here:

Pamela Holland

Here are some beautiful examples of Pam's art work. 

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This class has been confirmed and is going ahead.

There are only a few spaces book soon!!!!


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Our sister partner

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