Marlene Glickman's Class 2013


Sulmona, ITALY

 Day by Day: 

Pieces of Life in Italy

With   Marlene Glickman 

7th August to 13th August 2013


 Marlene Glickman

 Marlene Glickman has been creating with fabrics for more than 40 years including fashion design, quilting and fabric art  wall hangings.      

Her work has been exhibited in the United States and internationally including Pakistan, Africa and Russia. She has had her work published in  Quilting Arts magazine, America: From the Heart and art compilations of the United States Embassy. 

Her artwork is in several private collections and her are “Day by Day: Pieces of Life” (26 panels) in the permanent collection of the United States Embassy in Sudan, Africa. 

She loves to share with others what she has learned through her fiber explorations in dyeing, collage and 3-Dimensional designs and to help them tap into their own well of creative intuition and is routinely rated as 5 stars out of 5 for enthusiasm and just plain fun in her workshops.


Day by Day: 

Pieces of Life in Italy


Marlene Glickman 

Arrive 7th August 2013 Class starts 8th Aug

Depart 13th August 2013

Registration Deadline is: 29th May 2013


Experience a new environment filled with places & people, food & findings far different from your usual one with a space in which to create an art panel, fabric journal or art quilt using dyes, fabrics, foils, fusible, thread, photo transfers and found objects.

Students will imprint their own designs on silk using instant setting dyes and combining these with other fabrics creating fiber vignettes inspired by their daily walks. 

These will be in a small format easy to assemble with hand stitching or machine thread drawing to enhance the designs. We are going to have lots of fun and lay to rest the critical policeman inside our heads that inhibits the creative process. 

Each day dye fabric and create multiple collages using a variety of techniques and designs to express yourself and surroundings, documenting your process in a journal. Beginners welcomed.           

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 Day 1: Morning: Review daily design processes using a paper journal and fabric. Study options for working monochromatically (one color, many tones and textures) around the color wheel or using a mixture of colors. Take a walk to capture images for inspiration. Some can be photo transferred onto sheer or solid fabrics. Learn the basics of dyeing with non-toxic, easy to use instant setting dyes and dye a landscape inspired by the walk and fabric samples for your first collages.

Afternoon: Landscapes: Create layered landscapes using raw edged fabrics fused to a hand dyed background. Add dimension, shading and crisp details with colored pencils and pens.

Day 2: Morning: After our walk, it’s dyeing time- sheer silk organza used to create shadows and fog in your collages; backgrounds from silk broadcloth (feels and sews like cotton) creating sunset lines, grass or water; a silk pouch or purse to hold collected items from your walks.

Afternoon: Foil Suns and Moons: Fuse foil to fabric using a variety of fusibles: Misty Fuse for soft suns or moon, Steam a Seam for shapes, fusible powder for stars in the sky or glints on the water, fusible thread for wavy abstracts designs. Learn to create soft metallic effects with Lumiere and shaving cream.

Day 3: Morning: Take a walk at the market and gather treasures. Return to the studio to stencil, silk screen and paint brush a silk pillow case on which to sleep and dream of your Italian sojourn and your future creations.

Afternoon: Funky Fiber Friends: Make small fiber figures to incorporate into your afternoon collages dancing across your landscapes or peaking out of doorways or windows. They can also be used as accessories.

Day 4: Morning: Take a walk and return to dye a silk scarf using clamps, knots, folds and shapes achieving an artful repeat design. Dye sheers for 3D floral images.

Afternoon: 3D Florals: Create texture with your hand dyed sheers adding stitched stems, leaves and beads for details of local flora.

Day 5: Morning: Take a walk. Gather your collages and journal pages to review options for presentation as a completed artwork. Choose a panel, journal or artquilt presentation. Trim pieces and assemble in your chosen format.

Afternoon: Complete your work. Add extra bits and pieces to your journal for future creations. Set up an intimate art showing and celebrate with fellow artists.

Teacher will supply dyes, silk, collage fabric and sheers in all colors of the color wheel, needles, threads, fibers, fusibles, paints, brushes, pens, silk screens, stencils, clamps, resist shapes, beads.

Materials List: Fabric scissors, rotary cutter, colored pencils and paper, dyeing clothes or apron. Optional: any fabrics cut into 6-12 inch squares. These can be solid, prints, sheers, cottons, silks, velvets, hand dyed, any favorites you might want to work with. All sewing supplies and fabric must fit into a 1 gallon zip lock baggie. If you are concerned the teacher won’t have just what you want then, okay, maybe a 2 gallon baggie but no larger. Camera, film, walking shoes or sandals suggested.    

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Here are some fabulous examples of Marlene's artwork 


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