Lynne Morin's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY   

 Italian Fibre Abstracts

With Lynne Morin

18th Sept 2013 to 24th Sept 2013

 Lynne Morin


Having graduated as an Economist (BA) and a Business Administrator (MA), I have been devoting the last 10 years to developing as an artist.  My accomplishments have transpired from studying in various educational areas, from University courses to painting and drawing workshops.

I am intrigued by people and their gestures, how they convey themselves to the world.  My compositions are based on form, colour and texture to create a sensual appearance that draws the audience forward for extended viewing and appreciation.

I am drawn to certain gestures and poses of reflection. My compositions have evolved  based on experimentation of the use of form, colour and texture while manipulating the cropping of subject matter and its effect.  I am also using more abstraction in my work to create a pleasing mix of representation with the concepts of generalization or vagueness.

It is my intention to continue my exploration, seeking to create harmonious presentations that convey interpreted yet pensive portrayals, thus integrating the figurative and abstraction.

To date my successes have included publications in the Masters Art Quilts, Portfolio’s 16 and 17, and Beyond Comfort show touring England. 

I have been accepted in many juried shows such as the International Quilt Festival and Studio Art Quilts Associates shows, as well as having had two solo shows.

My work is represented by the Tay Gallery, the City of Ottawa Art Gallery and the Kanata Civic Art Gallery. 

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 Italian Fibre Abstracts

With Lynne Morin

Arrive 18th Sept 2013 

Depart 24th Sept 2013

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This workshop will focus on the development of abstract works which will be derived from the diverse cultural depictions in the area of Abruzzo, Italy, specifically Sulmona.

Students will learn how to develop abstract works in fibres and fabrics – originating from representative photographs, pictures and sketches of on-site views into abstract designs, and then fibre works of art.

The local area of Sulmona is exhilarating - it will be our inspiration for capturing the texture (the ancient stonework), the colour (the market, sunsets, olive groves), the shapes and lines of the nature (the bushes, the fields, the park)

The Abruzzo School of Creative Art may hold a show at the end of the week of student works, these works may be hosted on the school’s website, as a means of introducing many others to the fibre art world.

A small work will be produced each day.  On day 3, students will commence a larger work.  It is expected that 5 smaller works and 1 or 2 larger works will be produced by the students over the week.

Each day will focus on different:

            Methods of abstraction

            Design concepts and principles

            Composition Strategies


Students who take this course will gain several methodologies of how to approach and achieve an abstract design, and how to successfully create a fibre work of art that will be unique to each student.

The focus will be on the creating of abstract fibre pieces... “how to move from the realistic to the abstract using fibres” is the important part of this course.

Several methods in the course will provide a solid base for further creating abstract work...having used these techniques several times over the week will provide the experience necessary to successfully create many more in the future.

Day 1 will feature a walking tour of the area to gather photos and sketches, which will be the basis for translating into an abstract fibre piece, using methods such as cropping, simplification, and altering.

Day 2 will be the use of colour in fibre art and how to use colour successfully.  Focal points in abstraction will also be featured.

Day 3 will  include a second tour, this time looking for shapes in landscapes and objects in Sulmona.  A larger fibre piece will be tackled, using many embellishing techniques.

Day 4 is all about texture – students will create a set of textures that are unique to Lynne’s work.

Day 5 focuses on the effective use of scale and contrast.  Students will use the concepts in their large fibre piece.  Finishing techniques will also be highlighted.

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Lynne Morin

Here are some examples of Lynne's beautiful art work 

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