Lura Schwarz Smith's Class 2013


Sulmona, ITALY

 Lura Schwarz Smith's 

Sketching The Memorable Art Quilt

 24th July to 30th July  2013 

  Lura Schwarz Smith

 Lura has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from San Francisco State University. She has been producing art quilts since 1975, originally showing in galleries in the 70s and 80s. 

Since the 90s she has shown quilts and received awards at regional, national, and international quilt shows.  

Several highlights of her career in the quilt world over the past decade are that one of her quilts was named one of the “100 Best American Quilts of the 20th Century,” and she was included in the “30 Distinguished Quilt Artists of the World” exhibit at the first Tokyo Dome quilt show in 2002.  

Lura is a member of various art quilt groups such as Studio Art Quilt Associates and the California Fiber Artists.  


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 Sketching The Memorable

 Art Quilt

Arrival:  24th July 2013

Class starts 25th July

Departure 30th July 2013

Registration Deadline is 15th May 2013


Experience the delights of simple plein-air sketching in the lovely villages and countryside of Italy, and turn those sketches into an art quilt commemorating your visit to the Abruzzo School of Creative Art. 

Even without an art background, you can learn to sketch simple impressions and then trace, ink and shade these onto fabric. 

Those with the ability to take photos and access them (i.e., an ipad) can take photos on our sketching walks, and trace from them as well. 

Realistic or abstract? 

Depending on your taste, your impressions of color, light and form can be as realistic or as abstract as you wish. 

Create a master pattern in the workshop that you will use to complete your project at home of these special memories created with your own fabric art. 

No prior art experience necessary.

Workshop format:

Day 1: Class introduction and exercises introducing sketching techniques and learning to use class surface design materials on fabrics.

Day 2: Into the field -- we take a morning walk, sketching in a rural setting. Afternoon, spend class time tracing sketches onto fabrics.

Day 3: Morning sketching trip to Sulmona for sketching in the town. Afternoon, spend tracing and shading sketches onto fabrics.

Day 4: Creating the Master Pattern: students begin to plan their memory art quilt, and using an overhead projector, trace their Master Pattern onto large paper sheet. Techniques of how to combine their fabric sketches with other fabrics at home will be covered.

Day 5: Final day of plein-air sketching, in the location each student most desires for their piece. Final work with the fabric sketches as needed.

Ask Lura if you have any questions about her class:  Lura

  These are some examples of Lura's amazing artwork


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