Linda Beach's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY 

 “Piecing it Together”

with Linda Beach

14th August to 20th August 2013

Linda beach 

Linda Beach is an award winning quilt artist whose nature-inspired pieces have been commissioned for many public installations as well as juried into several prominent exhibitions, including Quilt Visions 2008 and 2010 as well as ArtQuilt Elements 2010.  The depth and complexity she achieves in her quilts with her use of commercial fabrics have led to their inclusion in many notable publications and books, most recently Joen Wolfrom’s “Adventures in Design, Expanding the Visual Dance” and “1,000 Artisan Textiles”.

Her love of nature and the inspiration it provides have also led her to apply for and be chosen as an Artist-in-Residence at Denali National Park, Alaska in 2005, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado in 2007, Acadia National Park, Maine in 2008 and Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado in 2011. 

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“Piecing it Together”

with Linda Beach

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In my class, “Piecing it Together”, we will learn how to take an initial idea, translate your vision into a pattern, then use that pattern to create your own art quilt.  My instruction covers training the eye to break down the main elements in any image into the essential lines and shapes needed to convey your inspiration.  Discussion of the importance of value and composition is covered as well as using the patterns found in commercial fabric to your advantage. 

I teach my method of piecing using freezer paper templates which all skill levels can do successfully.  I will also cover curved piecing for those who have never tried it. And, if you have tried it and are afraid of it or just do not like curved piecing, never fear!  At least half, if not more, of my quilts are designed with all straight lines.  I also discuss and teach various quilting patterns and finishing methods. 

Workshop Format:

Day 1:  Gather inspiration for projects with photos and sketches from the morning trip to Sulmona.  After lunch we’ll talk about designing your pattern, composition, value and fabric choices.

Day 2:  I’ll assist you in the design of your pattern and demonstrate the freezer paper template technique that I use for accurate piecing of fabrics.  I would encourage students to start with a small (approximately three foot square total size) project though you may go larger if you prefer.

Day 3:  After returning from the market and the picnic lunch, I will be available in the classroom all afternoon to continue to assist while you work on your project.  If any students are new to curved piecing, this would be a great time to demonstrate how to approach it.

Day 4: I’ll talk about choosing quilting patterns and threads as well as batting choices.  I’ll also demonstrate free-motion quilting, and different finishing/binding techniques. 

Day 5: Continue to supervise and assist students while they work on their projects.  By the end of the day, you will hopefully have finished your piece or take home the knowledge to be able complete it at home.

The above is a general guideline as I do not like anyone to feel pressured into hurrying or feel the need to keep pace with their fellow students.  The classroom is a place to relax and enjoy the creative process!              

If you have any questions, ask Linda about her class here:

Linda Beach

Here are some beautiful examples of Linda's art work 


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