Karen Illman Miller's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY  

 Japanese Stencil Dyeing – Katazome

with Karen Illman Miller

4th Sept to 10th Sept 2013

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 Japanese Stencil Dyeing – Katazome

with Karen Illman Miller

Arrive 4th Sept 2013 

Depart 10th Sept 2013

Deadline for registration is: 26th June 2013


Class schedule:

Thursday AM – Inspiration walk around the ancient city of Sulmona. 

We will be concentrating on sketching and taking photo's of architectural details and local plants especially suitable for stencil patterns.

            2:30 – 5 discussion of katazome process, with many examples

            begin design work on first of two stencils

Friday – cut first stencil, design and begin second stencil

            Apply silk mesh to finished stencil

            Apply soy milk sizing to fabric for later use

            Make resist paste for tomorrow

Saturday – PM finish stencil cutting if necessary

            apply resist paste to scarves and runners

Sunday  - begin to apply dyes to pasted fabric

            paste more fabric if desired

Monday – continue working, apply detail colors

             dye silk scarves with Colorhue dyes

 soak paste off finished projects.

Supplies students need to bring

Apron, pen, pencil, notebook, scissors etc.

Handle for #11 X-acto knife

Two 18” lengths of 1”wooden dowel

25 feet of lightweight clothesline

1 yd lightweight muslin

T-pins or safety pins, 24 or more

2” x 4” piece of felt, heavy fleece interfacing or canvas, to be used as a pasting surface

$35 supply fee

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Here are some examples of Karen's amazing art work


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