Judith Ross's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY   

 Quilting With Silk in Abruzzo

with Judith Ross

25th Sept 2013 to 1st Oct 2013



Judith Ross 

 Textiles have been part of my life since my childhood in Christchurch, New Zealand. My grandmother and mother taught me to knit and sew before I started school.

I first started quilting in 1978 while living in Southern California, as a recently retired radiographer and new mother. This interest has continued to develop since our return to New Zealand.

Over the last 30 years my work has developed from traditional hand stitched pieces to original machine-pieced garments and wall hangings.

I have always been fascinated by silk, and now use it almost exclusively. All my work is of original design, primarily machine patchwork and quilting. I often incorporate other fibre techniques - machine embroidery, fabric flowers, fabric dyeing and printing, beading and construction.

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 Quilting With Silk in Abruzzo

with Judith Ross

Arrive 25th Sept 2013

Class starts 26th Sept

Depart 1st Oct 2013

Deadline for registration is: 17th July 2013


This is an intermediate level quilting class and assumes that you have a fundamental knowledge of machine patchwork and quilting techniques.

Italy has had a long association with silk. Its ports were the first entry point to Europe for prized silks from the East, after long journeys along the Silk Road.

Although there has not been a sericulture industry in Italy since the Second World War, silk is still woven and printed in Como for the clothing designers of Milan and elsewhere.

Silk is a lustrous fabric with a romantic history. It is under - utilised for patchwork and quilting because quilters are often afraid of it.

Let me dispel that fear and add another dimension to your quilting. During our five days in Abruzzo I will teach you all you need to know about handling silk. We will then build on that knowledge and produce individual art works inspired by local landscape, art or architecture.

Days one and two

We will work in the studio learning my tricks for handling silks. We will make samples of piecing and appliqué, with and without foundation fabric and stabilisers.

We will also manipulate silks to add texture, and do some simple printing on silks to add pattern. Printed notes will be given. All the techniques seen on my website gallery will be covered.

Day Three

We will take a morning expedition to Sulmona and the surrounding countryside to gather inspiration for your original wall quilt.

Do not be afraid of the DESIGN word. All you need is a simple digital camera or sketchpad and pencil. Or a little money for postcards.

After lunch we will each choose our favourite image and interpret it, as well as scaling it to size. I suggest making a piece between 20 and 30 inches square or rectangular is achievable over the next two days and easy to transport home.

Days four and five

Work on your own piece of textile art. I will be there to guide you in your choices of silks and sewing techniques. Some of you may complete your work, and design another piece. For others the completion will happen at home in your own studio.

You will all have a lasting memory of your wonderful week at the Abruzzo School of Creative Art and the knowledge you need to confidently use silk to enhance future projects.

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Judith Ross


Here are some amazing examples of Judith's art work.


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