Abruzzo School of Creative Art 2013


Itinerary 2013


Sulmona, ITALY


A Typical Week:

Arrive Wednesday: You will be met at Tiburtina Station in Rome, between 3 and 4pm on Wednesday and taken to our venue   'Locanda dell'Asino d'oro'

An casual evening of pizza's, wine, welcome and introductions.

Thursday: Day one in the class room start 9am.

This morning, depending on your class schedule, you will be taken to Sulmona for a stroll around this beautiful ancient city, taking photo's, sketching, and a cafe at a typical Italian cafe bar.

Lunch alfresco in the garden at 1pm. 2.30 Continue with lessons until 5pm.

Dinner at venue

Friday: Classes, lunch.

This evening is your cooking class. You will dine on the delicious Italiano meal you have prepared by your own hand.

You will have a ton of fun with the flambouant chef Pino. He is a true artist!

Saturday: A part class today. This morning you will be taken into Sulmona to experience the traditional Italian market.

On arrival back to 'Locanda dell'Asino d'oro' , Weather permitting, we will go on a picnic in an ancient olive grove up the road. With amazing views over the valley.

Then back to the classroom. The classroom is always open, whilst you are here.

Dinner in Introdacqua

Sunday: Back in the classroom. 

Then enjoy traditional Sunday lunch with other local Italian families. This is a big day out for Italian families. Enjoy.

6.30 We are off to Sulmona to take part in the passigato, a prossecco (Italian sparkly wine) .

Dinner at Sulmona restaurant

Monday: Last day to finish your project and tonight we have a farewell dinner with certificate presentations.

Tuesday: We bid you farewell. You will have made many friendships over the past week and parting will be hard. But, on to your next Italian adventure .


Transportation is provided by a mini bus and available to go to and from Sulmona, Introdacqua when requested.

A note on meals:

All meals at 'Locanda dell'Asino d'oro' and wine are included in the price.

Friday and Sunday we will be dining out at other restaurants to add variety and for your to experience other Italian restaurants. (these evenings are at your cost)

Also note: the midday meal in Italy is the main meal of the day. The lunches provided by chef Pino at 'Locanda dell'Asino d'oro' are not your ham sandwich type.

The lunches are elaborate affairs in true Abruzzi, Italian style, with a variety of courses. 

Planning your trip:

A good idea when planning your trip, is to plan to arrive in Rome on Sunday or Monday, have a couple of days in Rome sightseeing, before meeting at Tiburtina Station, Rome and arriving at the venue on the Wednesday. 

This is why we have scheduled the classes to start on Thursday. 

Also, because there are not as many bus and rail services operating on a Sunday as other days of the week.

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