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Sulmona,  ITALY

Our School is dedicated to Textile Art, Fiber Art and Quilt Art,

Plus mixed media, altered books, handmade books and journaling.

We just love to create.......

Below is a condensed version of each class outline.

We have a truly amazing line-up of international tutors who are teaching an amazing variety of different classes...textile art..fiber art...hand made books....making journals ...screen printing and other printing methods....wool felting...dyeing fibers and fabric...mixed media...all sorts of different techniques for creating art. There is a class here for everyone.....

If you are serious about extending your knowledge of working with textiles and fiber media, then this is a wonderful opportunity to gain confidence in the field you have chosen.

Apart from the usual benefits one gains from these types of workshops, there is the additional benefit of coming to Italy and experiencing first hand, life in a regional Italian environment. 

Nothing I can say here can really explain what the Sulmona region is like. 

It has to be experienced........

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Holly Brackmann:    June 12th to 18th 2013Art Quilt,   This class is confirmed and is going ahead. There are still a few places left, so book soon!!!

Thermofax screen printing of local scenes (provided), transferring local maps to fabric with Textile Artists Paper (TAP), discharging and coloring black fabric, collected travel detritus, and drawings.  

Nancy HindsJune 12th to 18th 2013  Art Quilt: Combine the beauty and allure of Italy with Haiku poetry and fiber…then complete a one of a kind wall hanging, a keepsake of your journey to the Abruzzo region.

Valerie Goodwin:  June 19th to 25th 2013  Art Quilt: Design and create a small ―collaged art map using a variety of materials such as fabric, paint and thread. Make a composition of the roads as lines, and areas of the place as shapes. Combine shape, color, and form, to create a very personal landscape.

Pamela Allen:  June 19th to 25th 2013 ART MAKING with fabric. Many of the techniques, of course, are familiar to art quilters...quilting, appliqué (in this case raw edged appliqué).  No measuring, no matching points, no bias binding, and no squaring up until the end! We therefore will develop several fabric collages by freehand scissor cutting, layering of different fabrics....  

Lyric Kinard:  June 26th to 2nd July 2013 Art Quilt: This class delves deeply into the basics of design and involves time spent observing, absorbing, and recording your visual environment. You will interpret what you see by creating easily understandable exercises in fabric and on paper in order to give you hands-on experience with each design element.

Elaine Quehl:  June 26th to 2nd July 2013 Create a beautiful art quilt featuring your favorite flower or foliage.  We will spend a bit of time visiting the public gardens and gardens in the old town of Sulmona to gather photographs for inspiration.  You will receive instruction on selecting a suitable photo and ensuring a good composition.

Sherrill Kahn:  July 3rd to July 9th 2013 Mixed Media Class for Fabric, Paper, or Canvas: This class is confirmed and will go ahead. There are still some spaces left, so book soon!! 

This class will incorporate a variety of ideas doing the following:  (I cannot break the class down by each day because I am very spontaneous and often include things that I hadn't planned to include.  I am very intuitive to my students and often end up teaching things that they request that wasn't on the list of things to do) 

Connie Rohman:  July 17th to 23rd 2013 Art Quilt: Creating A Pattern: This morning you will print out your photos. Dyeing Silks mini-workshop: Learn how to use the new Colorhue dyes on luxurious silks. No chemicals or steamsetting needed. These new non-toxic dyes are quick and easy to use. Demonstration of freehand machine quilting words 

Lura Schwarz Smith:  July 24th to 30th 2013 Art Quilt: Experience the delights of simple plein-air sketching in the lovely villages and countryside of Italy, and turn those sketches into an art quilt commemorating your visit to the Abruzzo School of Creative Art. 

Kerby Smith:  July 24th to 30th 2013 Photo Journaling is the process of recording images as the artist searches for new creative expressions. For many textile artists photography is a major reference source.  Others use it to create exciting and colorful fabric to use in their next work of art. 

Sandra Reford:  July 24th to 30th 2013 Surface Design. This course will provide an introduction to textile processes and techniques associated with surface design. Students will explore print making, image transfers, painting, tyvek and dyeing while working towards a finished product- their journal.

Rayna Gillman:  July 31st to 6th Aug 2013 A word from Rayna......I have adapted this class especially for the Abruzzo.You will go home with an original art quilt! Words, photos, color, and line will spark your creativity and inspire fresh work based on your adventure in Italy!  Working spontaneously, asking "what if"? you will capture the essence of the landscape, an element that catches your eye, the color around you, or any aspect of your Italian experience.

Jackie AbramsJuly 31st to 6th Aug 2013 Basket making:  Explore shape, color, surface textures, and weaving techniques, using hand-painted cotton paper as the basket material. Learn bias plaiting and cathead weaving, and their endless variations. After weaving the baskets, cover the surfaces with applications of paper, paints and mediums, and knotless netting.

Averil Stuart-HeadAugust 7th to 13th 2013 Textile Art.This workshop is to explore each of the 6 integral steps. Each step has a different method and technique. They all come together to create a memorable keepsake of your 'Adventure of a Lifetime' here in Abruzzo, Italy.   You will learn:   To colour your fabric with paint. Design process, line, form, composition, contrast and texture.   3 different methods of image transfer. Raw edge collage, making silkpaper, stamping, stencilling.

Marlene Glickman:  August 7th to 13th 2013 Create an art panel, fabric journal or art quilt using dyes, fabrics, foils, fusible, thread, photo transfers and found objects. Students will imprint their own designs on silk using instant setting dyes and combining these with other fabrics creating fiber vignettes inspired by their daily walks. These will be in a small format easy to assemble with hand 

Linda Beach:  August 14th to 20th 2013 Textile Art 'Piecing it Together' we will learn how to take an initial idea, translate your vision into a pattern, then use that pattern to create your own art quilt.  My instruction covers training the eye to break down the main elements in any image into the essential lines and shapes needed to convey your inspiration.  Discussion of the importance of........

Leni Levenson Wiener:  August 14th to 20th 2013 Photo-inspired Art Quilts. We will create raw edge machine appliqué fabric collage quilts from photographs.  Students can use a pattern from the book or can work from a photo of their own.  How wonderful it will be to take photos in the area, which the students would then use to make their artquilts—creating their own souvenir of their quilting retreat. 

Carol Sloan:  August 21st to 27th 2013 Book Making: using materials along with photos, fabrics and your own words, we will build a one of a kind book of Italian memories. Put together a hand bound journal or artist book as you learn to integrate your personal keepsakes. You will learn how to construct a book using techniques that anyone can master.  We will cover ways to add your vintage ephemera..... 

Karen Musgrave:  August 21st to 27th 2013 Quilt-as-you-go combines all three layers at one time, I will also share how you can add quilting and other embellishments.On the first day, we will create a journal so that you can learn the basics and have a place to record your thoughts and keep notes. By the end of the week, you will have created a your own one-of-a-kind abstract wall hanging.

Liz Kettle:  August 28th to Sept 3th 2013 Make a Journal: In this workshop we will explore the essence of place; our experience, our reactions, our sense of being part of a special place…be it home or abroad. Our explorations will carry us through the beautiful Abruzzo countryside and neighboring towns gathering images, scents, sounds, ephemera and treasures which will become our story to be recorded in a mixed media journal made of textiles and paper.....

Vidabeth Benson:  August 28th to Sept 3th 2013 Screen Printing: My workshops are appropriate for beginning and more advanced screen printers as well as artists who are looking for a new medium to work in or to create original multiples of their art work.  Classroom teachers as well as art teachers find Screen Printing a valuable tool to enrich almost any aspect of the curriculum. There will be time for more than one product during the week.  Walk around the area......

Karen Illman Miller:   Sept 4th to 10th 2013 Japanese Stencil Dyeing – Katazome: We will be concentrating on sketching and taking photo's of architectural details and local plants especially suitable for stencil patterns.

Patricia Gould:  Sept 4th to 10th 2013 Landscapes in Fabric, Thread and Paint (Photos, Too) In this five day workshop, I will guide you on a journey which starts with a photograph(s) or sketch(es) that will lead to you exploring different approaches and techniques to create one medium sized art quilt or a few smaller ones. My teaching method involves individually working with each student to help them realize their own unique artwork.  I will show you how to create the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality using paints and inks.

Gillian Cooper:  Sept 11th to 17th 2013 Textile Art: The aim of this class is to enable  the students to benefit the most from their surroundings, which is made easier given it is a place out of the ordinary for them and me, and equipping them with techniques that can be used back home as well as during the exotic time of a holiday.  We will spend time photographing, drawing and thinking before approaching fabric,

Phyllis Hoffman:  Sept 11th to 17th 2013 Wool Felting: The ancient art of creating your own design in pure wool felt. Inspired by the beauty and colours of the surrounding area students will learn about the different ways that felt can be made into original home wares, toys and wearables. Included in the series of workshops is a day of dyeing silk and wool inspired by the colours in the surrounding area.

Pamela Mostek:  Sept 18th to 24th 2013 Textile Art: ....This class is confirmed and will go ahead. There are still some spaces left, so book soon!!

students will interpret the timeless beauty of the architecture and surroundings using my textile collage technique and the aged character of hand-dyed fabrics combined with machine and hand stitching and embellishments to create one or more small textile collage vignettes..... 

Susan Nelsen:  Sept 18th to 24th 2013 Art Quilt: In this workshop you’ll learn two of my SuperStrata (straight and curved) techniques to design blocks for your own Italian Escapade quilt. We’ll have a great time together. When you see your “Italy quilt,” I want you to remember your Italian escapade!

Lynne Morin:  Sept 18th to 24th 2013 Textile/Fiber Art: Learn how to develop abstract works in fibres and fabrics – originating from representative photographs, pictures and sketches. A small work will be produced each day.  On day 3, students will commence a larger work.  It is expected that 5 smaller works and 1 or 2 larger works will be produced by the students over the week.

Anna Hergert:  Sept 25th to 1st Oct 2013 Textile Art: This class is confirmed and will go ahead. There are still some spaces left, so book soon!! 

 Hone observational skills in regards to analyzing colours and textures - Design exercises will lead to manipulating through bricking, mirroring, and repeating to create new line compositions that exhibit pleasing overall effects. Designs created may be square, rectangular or hexagonal.

Judith Ross:  Sept 25th to 1st Oct 2013 Textile Art with Silk:  Silk is a lustrous fabric with a romantic history. It is under - utilised for patchwork and quilting because quilters are often afraid of it. Let me dispel that fear and add another dimension to your quilting. 

Silvia Dell'AereOct 2nd to 8th Oct 2013 Textile Art: The technique I’d like to teach allow to take inspiration from a photo to paint a quilt top that will be true to the photo and will have a nice naïve feeling.

Pamela Holland:  Oct 2nd to 8th Oct 2013 Textile Art: This class is confirmed and will go ahead. There are still some spaces left, so book soon!!

In this “Capture the day” Masterclass I will help you to look at the environment just a little differently. We need to slow down and expand the art of ‘seeing’. The aim of this class is to encourage students to relax and enjoy the creative process and to complete a piece of work representative of the week long experience. 

Chrissie Day:  Oct 2nd to 8th Oct 2013 Wool Felted Bag:Working with paper and silk this workshop will examine different kinds of marks including stitching, resist and discharge, drawn and painted marks and more unconventional marks such as piercing, and mending and screening. The emphasis will be on practical, hands-on experience and students will engage with.......

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