Holly Brackmann's Class 2013



Sulmona,  ITALY

Holly Brackmann's

Design, Stitch and Color 

the Abruzzo Region

12th June to 18th June 2013


Holly Brackmann 


Holly Brackmann is Professor Emerita of Textiles and Art History at Mendocino College, Ukiah, CA, where she received numerous awards for her teaching skills. She authored The Surface Designer’s Handbook:  Dyeing, Printing, Painting and Creating Resists on Fabric, which won a prize for the best “how-to textile” book in 2006 and has been adopted by numerous universities as a text.

One of Holly’s textile themes has been multiple layered art pieces and quilts.  Some work uses multi-fibered handwoven fabric and the dévoré technique to chemically eat away part of the textile. Because of her understanding of dyeing techniques, she combines a variety of dyes, pleating, digital imagery and transparency to create her art pieces.

Because of Holly's interest in art history and weaving, she travels and records her impressions in photos, which are inspirations for her art.  She has studied textile techniques in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America, and has lead study tours to Europe, Peru, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Australia, and India. Her knowledge has been shared in articles, by teaching, curating textile and craft exhibitions, lecturing and exhibiting internationally.


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Holly Brackmann's

Design, Stitch and Color the Abruzzo Region

Arrive 12th June 2013

Depart 18th June 2013

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Class Description

Create unique pieces of fabric with personal interpretations of your time in Abruzzo!  We will explore the local area, noting and recording patterns from buildings, pavement, signs, fountains and landscape. 

These will be combined with Thermofax screen printing of local scenes (provided), transferring local maps to fabric with Textile Artists Paper (TAP), discharging and coloring black fabric, collected travel detritus, and drawings.  

Finally, fabric layers will be brought together with a variety of hand embroidery stitches to highlight areas and create art pieces, which may or may not use a binding.  

Pattern, texture, rhythm and movement using color, value, and texture will be explored.  Materials fee will depend on the number of registrants.

Class Timeline:

Day One:  Introductions and sharing by class participants, followed by a morning visit to the local sights, recording impressions with a camera and/or sketches.  The afternoon will be spent in the studio beginning a first project by sampling a variety of stitches, using ideas and imagery gleaned in the morning to produce a small abstract piece.  Discussions about line, shape, color and design will be covered.

Day Two:  Discussion of samples made yesterday and stitched art textiles brought by Holly. Demonstrations and time to explore Thermofax screen printing, discharge/dyeing with deColourant and Textile Artist Paper (TAP). Studio time will also be devoted to expanding ideas and designs begun in day one, or start a new textile.

Days Three to Five:  Studio time with group sharing of ideas, plus Holly will work with each participant to discuss individual project investigations and technique development. Personal art pieces may be combined with provided Thermofax screens and TAP images of the Abruzzo region provided by Holly, or by developing individual concepts. 

Participants may choose to further explore the region for inspiration and return to the studio with new imagery. 

By day five, at least one artwork based on individual responses to the sights of the Abruzzo region will be achieved. 

Each person will go home with many ideas and skills to continue exploring the potential of color, cloth and stitch.

If you have any questions for Holly go here: 

Holly Brackmann

Here are some fine examples of Holly's artwork. 

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