Elaine Quehl's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY

 Elaine Quehl's

Fabulous Flowers and Foliage

June 26th to July 2nd 2013



Elaine Quehl 

 Elaine Quehl is an award-winning Canadian quilt artist, teacher, and dyer who specializes in colourful and intricately-stitched pieced and appliquéd art quilts. Her nature-themed quilts are recognizable for their drama, depth and contrast, exuberant colour and abundant texture. Elaine’s work has been juried into numerous exhibits at the national and international level and has been widely published, including 500 Art Quilts, and Art Quilt Portfolio: Natural World (upcoming 2012). A resident of Ottawa, she is in great demand as a teacher, and travels across the country delivering workshops and lectures to colleges, summer art programs, guilds, conferences and shops. Elaine is currently a part-time faculty member at the Haliburton School of the Arts, where she teaches in the summer arts program. She is recognized for her expertise in free-motion machine quilting, fabric dyeing, and many innovative techniques for creating original quilts. As a skilled dyer, Elaine's luscious hand-dyed fabrics are also in high demand, and she has been selling them across North America for the past 8 years.

Elaine grew up on a farm in Southern Ontario (Waterloo County) where she was surrounded by traditional quilts made by her great grandmothers, grandmothers, and mother. She began her quilting adventure in 1996 as a traditional quilter, but soon found herself seduced by art quilts and became devoted to developing her own artistic abilities in this medium.



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 Elaine Quehl's

Fabulous Flowers and Foliage

Arrive June 26th 2013

Depart July 2nd 2013

Registration deadline is 17th April 2013


Create a beautiful art quilt featuring your favorite flower or foliage.  We will spend a bit of time visiting the public gardens and gardens in the old town of Sulmona to gather photographs for inspiration.  You will receive instruction on selecting a suitable photo and ensuring a good composition.

Elaine will demonstrate how she turns her close-up botanical photographs into a pattern suitable for creating a fused art quilt. 

Once you’ve created your pattern you will spend two days building your flower or foliage quilt with instruction on how to create depth through the use of value contrast.  On the final day we will attach the finished piece to your background and have time to learn how to quilt it

Day 1:   9 a.m. Excursion for photographing nature (stroll through old city and/or public gardens.

Review of photos

Selecting a good composition.

Preliminary design work

4 p.m. excursion for photographing nature*

*Early day and late day are the best times to photograph.  No fancy cameras   needed.

Day 2:  Final review of photos gathered

Creating a pattern for your design.

Day 3:  Lesson on working with value to achieve depth and dimension

Lesson on the use of fusible web

Building your quilt.

Day 4:  Building your quilt.

Day 5:  Selecting a background, attaching your design, machine quilting.

Elaine's Supply List Here: Supply List

Email Elaine if you have any questions:  

Elaine Quehl

 These are some examples of Elaine's Fabulous Flowers.

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