Connie Rohman's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY

 Connie Rohman's

Seeing with New Eyes

17th July to 23th July 2013

Connie Rohman 

 Fiber artist Connie Rohman’s work is influenced by the landscape of her childhood, both interior and exterior.

She creates fabric collage, fiber wall art, and art quilts. She hand dyes her fabrics, and uses traditional materials and methods to explore abstract shape, line and color.

Her artwork can be found in public installations and private collections in the United States and Canada.

Connie has won numerous awards for her work, and has exhibited internationally and in museums. 

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  Seeing with New Eyes

“The true voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes.” 

Marcel Proust

Arrival Date: 17th July  2013

Departure 23th July 2013 

Registration Deadline is:  8th May 2013


We travel to explore, to see new things, to relax, to be shaken out of our routine, to search for something, to learn about the world and ourselves, to escape, and to experience other cultures.

Each place we go to is unique, with it’s own light and colors. In this workshop, you will create a fiber art piece that reflects your own personal experience of this medieval village near the ancient city of Sulmona in Italy.

The process of making art enables you to see with new eyes the world around you. Make either a literal or an abstract art quilt, using language and color techniques to express your personal vision. Beginners and experts are all welcome to come, have fun, and grow.

This is your week to be creative and have fun. If you go slow, or take time off, no worries. My goal is to help you in your creative process, and to have you leave at the end of the week with either a small finished work, or the knowledge of how to finish it. If you want to play in the studio every moment and go home with ten finished pieces, that’s fine too! 

 Class Description:

Thurs -- Morning:

Color: After introductions and an overview of the workshop, I will give a talk about color. Knowledge of how colors interact will help enhance your fiber art. Also,knowing about the history and cultural meanings of color will enrich your use of color. With the help of some fun color exercises, you will deepen your ease and skill in choosing color palettes for your fiber art. We will also discuss the specifics of lightand color in nature and landscape.

Design / Language : I will give a talk on the principles of composition, color, and texture as used in design. These principles are the basics of design. Use the information you learn here to help you compose your artwork, as well as to help you trouble shoot and see what to fix when your composition isn’t working.

Using Words in Fiber Art: We will see how words and language have been used in the visual arts. I will demonstrate many different techniques that can be used to incorporate words and languages into your own fiber art.

Afternoon:  Inspiration Safari: A safari is a journey or expedition for hunting, exploration, or investigation. We’ll go on our own Inspiration Safari to hunt for ideas, colors, light, shapes and images that speak to us about this unique place. We will photograph, draw,and write about what we see, feel, hear, and touch. (Tasting is for later, at our dinner cooking class with Pino!) Use the rest of the afternoon to think about what you want to create. You can search out quotes and/or your own writing that will be added to your piece.


Fri –     Morning:     Creating A Pattern: This morning you will print out your photos, or finish your drawing (abstract or representational). We will discuss size, fabric choices, and techniques to use for your project. A final pattern will be created from your drawing or photo. Once your pattern is complete, you will finalize fabric choices and create pattern pieces. You will decide on how to incorporate language into your artwork, if you wish to.

Discussion on the best techniques to help you create your art: There are a myriad of different ways to construct fiber art work, and we will find the right one that feels easy and accessible, and will help to support the way you want your artwork to look. These techniques may include: raw edge appliqué, piecing, reverse appliqué,strip piecing, hand sewing, machine sewing, sewing with silks, etc. My goal is to teach you what you need to know to enable you to create what you want to create.

Afternoon:    Dyeing Silks mini-workshop: Learn how to use the new Colorhue dyes on luxurious silks. No chemicals or steamsetting needed. These new non-toxic dyes are quick and easy to use. Learn easy silk dyeing techniques, including scrunch dyeing, baggie dyeing, shibori folding and pleating, and overdyeing. Added bonus: with these skills, you can go home and dye your own amazing silk scarves!

Sat July 21st –    Morning:       Field trip to Sulmona to experience the traditional Italian market.  Then, a donkey trek through ancient olive groves for a picnic lunch with amazing valley views.  (see itinerary

Afternoon:    After a demonstration of freehand machine quilting words onto layered fabrics, you will continue working on your own piece, at your own pace.   Activities can include dyeing and overdyeing silks, creating patterns, painting and marking on fabric, cutting and sewing.

 Sun  –      Morning:      Continue playing in the studio, constructing your artwork.  Work at your own pace.  My goal is to help you in your creative process, and to leave at the end of the week with either a small finished work, or the knowledge of how to finish it.  As we work, I will share whatever skills I have that will be of help to you. 

Afternoon:     After lunch, you can come back to the classroom, or take a break before the 6:30pm dinner.

Mon  --    Last day in the studio.  I will work with each of you to ensure that you know what steps to take to complete your work at home.  This will include a discussion on edge finishes, and presentation (framed, unframed, hidden or shown hanger,etc.).  Discussion about your artistic voice,and your future work.

You can ask Connie questions about her class here:

Connie Roham

 Check out Connie's beautiful art work


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