Chrissie Day's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY    

 A Bag Full of Memories

with Chrissie Day

2nd Oct 2013 to 8th Oct 2013

Wool Felting

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 A Bag Full of Memories

with Chrissie Day

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Arriving at the Abruzzi school we will walk around the ancient city with our cameras and sketchbooks and having gained inspiration from around us and the culture we are in, we will take one small part of this and begin to build up a design page that allows us to focus on colour choice and mixing colour for our work and shape, texture has to be added in, and I will show you how to do that within our work. 

The marks we make record time and human energy. Working with paper and silk this workshop will examine different kinds of marks including stitching, resist and discharge, drawn and painted marks and more unconventional marks such as piercing, and mending and screening.

 The emphasis will be on practical, hands-on experience and students will engage with:

• ‘family’ immersion dyeing to create a range of related colours and values 

• scrumpled and pleated resists in litter trays for textural effects

• fold-and-clamp resist techniques for graphics and patterns

Whilst some fabrics will be irresistible after one process, the workshop will encourage over-dyeing to achieve depth, richness and complexity of colour and value.

Colour is the starting point for many designs and you will have allowed your senses to be awakened to these new colours in the warm sunshine of Italy. 

On day 2 we will go from our paper sketches to our screens and begin to build up using existing screens and from blank screens the imagery we wish to portray onto our silks building up the colour layers from our inspiration

• scraping

• writing, doodling, scribbling & sketching

• mono printing

• using found objects

• silk screen (e.g. breakdown printing & temporary on-screen designs)

• brushes

The cloth you make can be used for:

• stitch or embroidery (you’ll produce great backgrounds)

• compositional silk for felting practise

• garments

• cutting up and re-structuring (e.g. collage or pieced silk )for the carpet bag

Day 3 

we will have steamed our silks prepared other fabics and now be ready to apply them in our work and into our felted panels. Each of these will address a different aspect of physical movement and gesture that through time and repetition evolve into richly activated surfaces. 

We will explore the movement we recorded in our sketch books from the old town 

Day 4

The panels will be dry and we will be assembling our framed carpet bag and beginning to think about the embellishing whether hand stitch or folding or small amounts of embroidery stitch to enhance the design.

Day 5 

The final tubular frames are placed in the work the catches go on the leather handles are stitched on and you have your very own strong carpet bag within it will be memories and essence of Italy. Chrissie will talk on simple bag making and these will be demonstrated for constructing other bags also jacket making techniques and making blocks for jackets ready to felt.

Participants will be able to expand on workshop experiments applying them to their own materials and imagery.Chrissie will also talk on resources material, give slide talks and demonstrate techniques to you. 

At the mid-point, there will be a group review to consider work-in-progress and how it might be moved forward, and one-to-one discussions will take place on an on-going basis.

This 5-day workshop will explore simple and effective ways of achieving a palette of (almost) solid and textured fabrics – perfect for nuno felt process or simply embellishing flat felt or collage. Chrissie will provide examples, give demonstrations and explain recipes and process throughout the workshop and supporting handouts will be provided. The emphasis will be on practical, hands-on experience and students will engage with themselves and the surrounding wealth of inspiration. Towards the end of the workshop, students will have the opportunity to begin exploring compositional ways forward with their resulting work and be able to build on what they have produced. 

Chrissie does like students to keep accurate records and of the work as they travel through the journey, photography and labeling small sample pieces is expected.

You can ask Chrissie about her class here:  Chrissie Day

Here are some examples of Chrissie's beautiful felted pieces. 

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