Averil Stuart-Head's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY

 '6 Step Textile Artistry in Abruzzo'

With Averil Stuart-Head

7th August to 13th August 2013 

 Averil Stuart-Head

My work styles and techniques vary and are a mixture of:

textile art/fibre art, mixed media paintings/collage,  silk papermaking and felting.

I like to experiment with different photo transfer technique's.

Much of my work includes the process of layering and my satisfaction comes from building up texture. I love that time has marked, peeled, rusted and corroded the surface, similar to the facade of a old painted wall or an old relic, creating an effect that is rich in colour, texture and history.

Now, 2012, I am happy with the style I am developing and I intend to push the boundaries and explore my '6 Step Textile  Artistry Adventure'  procedure more fully.

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 '6 Step Textile Artistry in Abruzzo'

With Averil Stuart-Head

Arrival Date 7th August 2013 Class starts 8th Aug

Departure 13th August 2013

Registration Deadline is: 29th May 2013


The primary focus of this workshop is to explore each of the 6 integral steps. Each step has a different method and technique. They all come together to create a memorable keepsake of your 

'Adventure of a Lifetime' here in Abruzzo, Italy.

You will learn:

To colour your fabric with paint. Design process, line, form, composition, contrast and texture.

3 different methods of image transfer. Raw edge collage, making silkpaper, stamping, stencilling.

You will also learn:

To burn and distress fabric with heat gun. Embellish with different forms and textures. Free motion machine quilting. How to use gold leaf. Different methods of binding or finishing your art work.


Our first day will see us heading off into Sulmona. 

This ancient city is around 400 years older than Rome. It is pandora's box, just waiting for you to discover all it's nooks and crannies.

This is what your journey is all about. This is the ancient city of your dreams. Sulmona is drop dead gorgeous at this time of year. The balconies are over flowing with hues of brightly coloured geraniums and petunias. You will stroll around the city capturing images of a bygone era.

On returning to the classroom, we are going to use these images to develop our theme.

We will print out our photo's and learn a few methods of transferring them onto our prepared cloth.

From there we are going to utilise the stash...we will rip, tear and manipulate our fabric until we achieve the desired affect. Learning elements of design as we go. Line, form, composition, contrast and texture. We will build up layers to create diverse textures and interesting effects.

We will create more interesting effects by introducing some stamping and stencilling to the art piece.

Make silk paper, then use it for blending into your art.

To pull all components together we will finish by free-motion machine stitching to produce a cohesive piece of art work.

Learn how to add gold leaf to highlite your work. Experiment with different finishing bindings.

You can email Averil, if you have any questions:  Averil

 In this class you can forget about tradition and rules, out they go with the dish water, so to speak.

I am a firm believer in students being able to finish one, two and maybe three art pieces. I think it is beneficial for you to be able take a finished or almost completed piece of artwork home with you. Plus, because we are going to use a photo of our surroundings, you will always have a memento of your amazing time in Italy

Class members will be really astounded by what they will accomplish and achieve in this workshop.

During the course of the class I will talk about some of the humorous and complicated situations I have found myself, whilst living in Italy. I will answer any questions about buying a house and living here. Day to day life here and how I manage to live here without knowing the language. (Though, it is getting better)

This is such fun class with many surprising twists and turns.

The many different techniques you will learn in this class will benefit textile, fibre and quilt artists for years to come and will be a great advantage to their future projects.



Here are some examples of Ave's art work  


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