Anna Hergert's Class 2013


Sulmona,  ITALY   

 Capture the Essence

Experience - Internalise - Transform - Create

with Anna Hergert

25th Sept to 1st Oct 2013


Anna Hergert 

 Anna speaks fluent German and English. 

Born and educated in Germany, Anna Hergert was exposed to fiber art at an early age. Handwork was a regular part of the weekly school curriculum and her passion for art and textiles is a lifelong pursuit.

Ms. Hergert holds London City & Guilds Diplomas in Art, Design, Contemporary Embroidery as well as Patchwork and Quilting. Her strong focus on the arts makes her a passionate and committed artist, teacher, lecturer and writer.

Anna is a full time professional artist. Her work has been exhibited internationally in solo shows and traveling group exhibitions. Commissions can be found in Canadian, US and European homes and public spaces.

She has received numerous awards for her innovative approaches to quilting and surface design from across Canada including the Saskatchewan Craft Council and the Grand National Juried Show. Her work was also juried into Quilt National 2009.

In 2007 Anna moved to Saskatchewan and now makes her home just north of Moose Jaw on the scenic shores of Buffalo Pound Lake with husband Colin.

She creates art in her dream studio overlooking the breath taking scenery that serves as constant source of inspiration.

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  Capture the Essence

Experience - Internalise - Transform - Create

with Anna Hergert

Arrive 25th Sept 2013 

Depart 1st Oct 2013

Registration deadline is: 17th July 2013


 Abruzzo, a sensuous place!

Fully embrace and internalize the colours of the landscape, distant mountain peaks dusted with snow, rich sunsets, the symmetry of historical structures, their smooth and distressed surfaces while also experiencing the sounds, flavours and colours of the region.

Capture imagery in sketch, with your camera, your memory and your heart! Enjoy the culinary morsels and bring these experiences to class to draw on.

Experiment, manipulate, colour and layer fabrics and unconventional materials including Tyvek, dryer sheets and plastic food film while embracing the elements and principles of design.

Ultimately transform your experience into a tangible textile piece or create a unique sketchbook to help you recall special vistas and culinary delights of your holiday.

Individuality is key and the goal of this workshop is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that may be applied to any subject matter once the participant has returned to his/her own studio.

 Thursday, DAY: 1:  9 am – 1 pm - Brief introductions and identification of personal goals.

- Walk about town and / or countryside to select primary source of inspiration. This may be achieved by capturing images with a digital camera or sketching. (Images will be downloaded to the computer and one or two images will be printed as reference after lunch.) 2:30 – 5 pm - Images and sketches will be analyzed for compositional strength by introducing a simple cropping tool.- Several thumbnail sketches will

a) Introduce the concept of abstraction

b) Hone observational skills in regards to analyzing colours and textures - Design exercises will lead to manipulating through bricking, mirroring, and repeating to create new line compositions that exhibit pleasing overall effects. Designs created may be square, rectangular or hexagonal.

Friday, DAY 2:  9 am – 1 pm - Introducing the effect of texture employing a variety of techniques from rubbings using natural surfaces and through small stitchsamples by hand and machine, including needle felting.

- Extensive demonstrations by the tutor on how to create distressed surfaces with unconventional materials.

- Opportunities to sample materials provided for workshop participants.

2:30 – 5 pm - Preparing the surface for the textile piece. For those creating a special sketchbook the pages will be painted with a light water colour wash in colours of their choice, based on the inspirational sources gathered on day 1.

Saturday, DAY 3: 9 am – 1 pm - Exploring the market to capture more local colour in images.- Upon the return to the classroom participants will engage in a recap of principles and elements of design by reviewing selected images captured during the morning excursion to the market.

2:30 – 5 pm - Pulling together sketches, designs and fabrics for the final project.- Active sampling towards the final project begins.

Sunday, DAY 4 Embellishments:- Hand and machine embellishments- Incorporating various hand stitches, beads

- Finishing ideas/creative backs and bindings

Monday, DAY 5 - Participants will work on their own art quilts/sketchbooks throughout the day.

- Goal: Completion of the art project or getting to a point that the participant can finish independently upon return to her/his home studio.- Final critiques. - Individual feedback and direction provided throughout.

(Following the daily outline above is the ultimate goal, however I would like to stress that I work with the participants individually while facilitating the group as a whole. As a teacher I feel it is important to maintain flexibility while presenting the subject matter at hand.


Sketchbook (9 x 12")-Sketching pencils, HB, B2 or B3 Artist quality colouring pencils, these may be water colour pencils- Small travel water colour  box -Paper scissors- Basic hand sewing kit- Kit fee $ 30/person

Kit contains cotton and sheer fabrics, canvas, fibers, recycled dryer sheets, Tyvek, threads, colouring tools and supplies, felting needle, beads and other embellishment and design exercise supplies  required to create a cohesive art piece.

You can email Anna if you have any questions about here class:  Anna Hergert

 Check out these beautiful art works by Anna. 

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