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About Us

 Sulmona, ITALY



What is Abruzzo School of Creative Art all about?

Abruzzo School of Creative Art

Is dedicated to and actively promotes:

    • Textile Art
    • Fibre art
    • Quilt art
    • Mixed Media Art
    • Journaling Art
    • Altered books Art
    • Felting Art

    Our Concept:

    Picture your week' s journey with us, as an immersion into Italian culture..

    We have incorporated into the programme some very special Italian pastimes for you to experience and to participate in... such as  the famous 

    • Sulmona passegiato. This is where the residents of Sulmona come out each evening to promenade along Corso Ovidio, have a gelato or a prossecco.  
    • The also famous Sulmona markets on Saturday morning
    • An Italian cooking class.
    • A picnic in an ancient olive grove. With views over the valley, to die for.

    The learning holiday we are offering is not only for you to absorb yourself in your favourite creative activity, but for you to also experience hands on and to literally intergrate all your senses, sights, smells, tastes, and listen to the sounds of Italy.

    Our ultimate goal is to give you a.............

    Genuine Italian Experience....


    An Adventure of a Lifetime


    Our Tutors:

    • Are of the highest calibre and integrity.
    • Our Tutors are internationally renowned and experienced in their field.
    • They are passionate about their art and, more importantly, 
    • They are also passionate about passing on their techniques and the skills they have honed over many years.
    • They will give you the utmost care and attention, insuring you have a wonderful week .

    The aim of  Abruzzo School of Creative Art, is not only for you to have a wonderful learning experience, but we want to share this beautiful region with students and tutors.

    It is important for us, that you learn about and participate in the unique Abruzzo culture.

    You see, Abruzzo is really quite different from other regions of Italy. 

    For one thing, it is not a very well known region.

    For centuries, due to it's rugged terrain and dramatic mountain ranges, it has experienced relative isolation from the rest of the Italy and the world. While the autostrada and rail has opened up the area, it has been slow to change. Most of the old traditions are still in place today. Cheese making, olive pressing, lace-making and many other very ancient crafts.

    A classic example is the shepherd, who still tends to, and stays with his sheep all day, with the help of his large, beautiful white Abruzzezi dogs. These dogs blend into the flock to protect them from predators, like wolves. You will often see the shepherd and his flock grazing on the side of the road or in the distant, unfenced fields.

    Sulmona, would be one of the best examples of an ancient city you will find anywhere in Italy.

    Once upon a time it was a walled city, as was Introdacqua village. There are many examples of the ancient arched entrances still in use today. The best example is the Porta Napoli

    This ancient city, Sulmona, is 400 years older than Rome. It is pandora's box, just waiting for you to discover all it's nooks and crannies.

    You will stroll around the city capturing or sketching images of a bygone era.

    This is what your journey is all about.

    This is the ancient city of your dreams.

    Sulmona is gorgeous at this time of year. Elaborate balconies, over flow with hues of brightly coloured geraniums and petunias. Narrow cobble stoned streets and alley ways. 

    The city is nestled in the  Peligna Valley, with the huge Maiella Mountains, serving as a backdrop. 

    Sulmona would have to be be one of the kept secrets of Italy.

    As you look out over the valley you will see ancient hilltop villages in the distance, Pacentro, Rocacastle, Bugnara, Badia, with the monastery clinging precariously to the side of the mountain above. 

    You will visit the incredible ancient churches. Huge structures, with massive columns reaching to the sky.Vaulted ceilings, so high, it makes your neck ache to view them.

    Beautiful peeling fresco's  adorne the walls. As an artist, your heart aches with longing to be able to reproduce this look in your art work.

    You gaze in wonder and whisper, who built these places. 

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