Abruzzo School of Creative Art 2013


Welcome to 

Sulmona, ITALY


Classes for 2013

 These Classes (below)

 are going ahead for 2013

Holly Brackmann12th June to 18th June 2013

Sherrill Kahn:  3rd July 2013 to 9th July 2013
Pamela Mostek18th Sept to 24th Sept 2013

Anna Hergert:    25th Sept to 1st Oct 2013
Pamela Holland2nd Oct 2013 to 8th oct 2013



The journey to becoming a

skilled and accomplished

Branding expert is perpetual.

The work can be intense,

though fulfilling.

Skills need constant updating.

However, an important part

of the process is building into your schedule

a time for renewal,

for new experiences,


for a different perspective.

Vacations for artists are not only

to get away from it all,

but rather to find ways

to inspire their work.

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